CoroCoro’s Website Shows New Pokemon’s Silhouette As Well – New Theories!

New 5th Generation Pokemon Silhouette

CoroCoro‘s website has also posted the new Pokemon’s silhouette; it is seen among a timeline of past Pokemon games, which all point to a new series. Since all of the games shown are from the main Pokemon series, the image essentially confirms that the new games will be the fifth generation’s, in case that wasn’t already obvious when the initial announcement stated that new Pokemon would be featured. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image.

It is important to note that in our previous story, we assumed that the new Pokemon silhouette was “Z” when it could in fact be a completely different Pokemon. Because Pokemon Sunday said they were going to reveal “Z’s” identity on their February 21st show and then later stated they would be revealing the new Pokemon’s silhouette at that time as well, we figured both Pokemon were the same. However, it is possible that the two revelations are for two different Pokemon – “Z” and the new Pokemon silhouette. In reviewing the episode, it is also never explicitly stated that the Pokemon silhouette is “Z.” Therefore, we could be dealing with two new Pokemon!

So what is this new Pokemon? Some people think it looks like an evolution of Lucario, but I personally see it as a completely new Pokemon or an evolution of Mightyena. Plastic bags advertising the movie showed all of its stars (Celebi, the beasts, Lugia, Ho-Oh), Tangrowth, and Mightyena. We already knew Tangrowth would be in the movie because of how heavily it was advertised with movie products, so it is probably safe to assume that Mightyena will be as well. In comparing Mightyena with the new Pokemon silhouette, there are also some obvious physical similarities – it looks like Mightyena became a bipedal werewolf. And I’m not totally sure about this, but don’t werewolves shapeshift? At least in Harry Potter they do. This movie is called The Ruler of Illusion, so if the new Pokemon is werewolf-esque this theory could fit. There’s also the fact that Munchlax, Bonsly, Mime Jr., and Weavile were all related to existing Pokemon when they were revealed as the first fourth generation Pokemon, which means this new Pokemon could be too. But alas, this is JUST a theory, and since fans are almost never right about these sort of things, don’t expect me to be either. :p It could just be a new Legendary Pokemon unrelated to other Pokemon.

What do you think the new Pokemon is? Feel free to speculate in this forum topic! There’s already fan art too! XD