Movie 13 Sticker Product Mentions New Pokemon To Be “Introduced”

Update: Fixed some of the translations and clarified some of the information. Note that there will most likely not be five new Pokemon, but probably two or so represented in multiple sticker sets.

New Pokemon Listed on Sticker Product

In lieu of the previous news story posted here, a second 13th movie advertisement strongly implies that new Pokemon will be in The Master of Illusion: Z. The advertisement, which is for a “Pokemon Seal Battle Piece Collection DP 2010 set,” lists the names of Pokemon that will be released in sets of stickers (“seals”). The ad lists the names of the Pokemon to be included in each sticker set, and at the end of each bullet point, it says, “plus a Pokemon that’s introduced in the movie.”

Additionally, under Piplup’s image above the list, the advertisement specially notes, “The Pokemon (plural) introduced in 2010’s Master of Illusion: Z are in the (sticker) lineup.” This of course implies that more than one new Pokemon or Pokemon Forme will be shown for the first time in the movie! The list below may make you think there are five new Pokemon, but some of them will probably be used in multiple sets.

In past years, similar advertisements have surfaced around this time featuring mystery Pokemon, and these turned out to be new characters (Munchlax, Weavile), new Formes, (Giratina Origin Forme, Shaymin Sky Forme, Spiky Eared Pichu), or Pokemon that hadn’t been officially announced (Arceus). Since all of the 4th Generation Pokemon have been revealed at this point, the only options are new Pokemon or new Formes, and with the enigmatic “Z” in the 13th movie’s tile, a 5th generation Pokemon seems like the most probable option at this point. Thanks go to Frugrow for the image and Bangiras, Dogasu, and Umeko for translating and clarifying this story! All of the evidence now points to there being new Pokemon in the movie!

  • Capsule 1 Master Ball (Entei, Tangrowth, Ninjask, plus a Pokemon that’s introduced in the movie)
  • Capsule 2 Hyper Ball (Suicune, Piplup, Croagunk, Shuppet, plus a Pokemon that’s introduced in the movie)
  • Capsule 3 Super Ball (Pikachu, Raikou, Happiny, Bronzor, plus a Pokemon that’s introduced in the movie)
  • Capsule 4 Monster Ball (Celebi, Mismagius, Mightyena, Togekiss, plus a Pokemon that’s introduced in the movie)
  • Capsule 5 Monster Ball (Celebi, Torterra, Scizor, Infernape, plus a Pokemon that’s introduced in the movie)