New Pokemon Hidden on Movie 13 Product Advertisement?

I actually tried to post this last night but my laptop kept shutting down. I went out to buy a universal AC adapter today so I wouldn’t have power problems anymore and now it stays on. :)

New Pokemon on Merchandise or Lugia and Ho-Oh?

A 13th movie product advertisement for Poke Ball projectors may contain hints for new Pokemon. The ad, which displays Pokemon that are known to be in The Ruler of Illusion: Z such as Celebi, Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, purposefully hides two of the Poke Ball Pokemon with question marks. The text above each question marks says “A Pokemon that will be in the movie.”

When discussing the advertisement last night, we thought the question mark Pokemon may be Lugia and Ho-Oh since they were shown in the first teaser trailer for the 13th movie and are in Master Balls like Celebi (with Ho-Oh’s creations in Ultra Balls, since they are of lesser status). However, it is not often that these types of products purposefully hide known Pokemon. In the past, these question marks turned out to be Pokemon like Shaymin Sky Forme, Giratina Origin Forme, and Spiky Ear Pichu, though on rare occasions they were in fact Pokemon that were already known. So, we can’t really tell either way what the question marks mean until the products are released.

While the Pokemon may turn out to be just Lugia and Ho-Oh, as posted a few days ago, the “master of illusion” (“Z”) may be a new Pokemon or Pokemon Forme that could be revealed in CoroCoro magazine this month (or within the next few months). We have run out of known Legendary Pokemon to use in movies, so it’s probably time to reveal a new Pokemon or Pokemon forme anyway! Thanks go to Frugrow for sending this image to us and Heerosferret for translating!