‘Once in a Blue Moon’ PokeBeach Podcast – Arceus!

Part 1 of 3 of the Team Galactic episodes aired in Japan today. If you want to see episode pictures, check out Filb.de’s screenshots. The final two Team Galactic episodes will air in a one-hour special next week.

Last night (more like 2 AM in the morning), Heerosferret, viper.fox, Holy Star, and myself recorded a podcast mainly discussing Arceus and the Arceus movie. We talk about our trips to Japan, seeing the Arceus movie in Japanese theaters, Arceus itself, the pronunciation of its name, Arceus as Pokemon god, religion, Mr. Mime’s fingers (say wha?), changes to Pokemon, tolerance, and other random stuff. The podcast doesn’t have much of a structure – it’s one very long discussion where one topic leads to another. Next time we’ll work on breaking it down into smaller topics. Also, the podcast contains movie plot spoilers, though a lot of it (not all) was already revealed by the Pokemon movie site before the movie was released in theaters.

The podcast is about an hour and ten minutes long. If you want to throw it on your iPod, you can download the original MP3 by right-clicking and saving this link (68.2 MBs). Otherwise, you can listen to it by hitting the play button below. Also, please excuse our intro – we actually had to record it after the podcast ended because I overwrote the original file, but one of our members had left by then, so I had to sort of “interpret” their voice. XD