Australian 12th Movie TV Trailer

Someone on YouTube has uploaded the Arceus and the Jewel of Life trailer airing on Australia’s Cartoon Network, which you can watch below. The background music and narrator are from Australia’s Cartoon Network and will not be used in the movie.

Again, Arceus’ name is pronounced with a hard “C.” You can hear the English voices of Arceus, Marcus (Gishin), and Sheena (no, Australia does not dub over the movie’s American English with Australian English, mates). Though I’m probably wrong due to the low quality of the audio, Arceus sounds like a higher-pitched Goku, Sheena sounds like a cross between Misty and Dawn, and I don’t know who would be comparable to Marcus’ voice. “Transcend the confines of time and space!” is apparently the dub’s translation of “Conquer it! The laws of time and space!”

Tomorrow (as in, later today since it’s 1:30 AM), I’ll post one or two audio clips from the Japanese movie so you can all get a feel of its excitement. Check back later! Remember, the movie airs this Friday in Australia and on November 20th in America.