‘LEGEND: HeartGold Collection & SoulSilver Collection’ Set Lists Revealed!

WPM Note: Thank you Bangiras for translating and posting this story and Jason for helping to put together the HTML lists! I’m so glad I can move in to my new dorm / apartment without having to worry about updating. :D Also, the answer to the quiz will be posted within the next few days once I’m all settled in.

Double Colorless Energy from Base Set (#96)

The official Pokemon Card site has updated with complete card lists for the upcoming Pokemon Card Game LEGEND: HeartGold and SoulSilver Collection sets. You can view the lists on our set page linked to in the previous sentence.

Each mini-set consists of 70 cards, including four super rares (Great Pokemon) and two ultra rares (the top and bottom halves of one Legendary Pokemon). In HeartGold Collection, the Great Pokemon are Feraligatr, Ampharos, Donphan, and Blissey while the Legendary Pokemon is Ho-Oh LEGEND. In SoulSilver Collection, the Great Pokemon are Meganium, Typhlosion, Crobat, and Ursaring, and the Legendary Pokemon is Lugia LEGEND. The sets also include the eight basic Energy cards and are rumored to have one secret card apiece, which should make the combined set 150 cards (151 including the promotional shiny Gyarados card).

Between the two sets, there are eight classic reprints: Full Heal (Base Set), Moo-Moo Milk (Neo Genesis), Fisherman (Skyridge), Copycat (Expedition), Rainbow Energy (Team Rocket), Professor Elm’s Training Method (Expedition), Bill (Base Set), and, most surprisingly, Double Colorless Energy (Base Set). Bill was reprinted as a promo card for the Japanese Web set as a Supporter card, so he will in all likelihood be treated as a Supporter in LEGEND as well. Double Colorless Energy has a slightly different name than the original Japanese card (ダブル無色エネルギー lit. “Double Colorless Energy” instead of 無色2個エネルギー “2 Colorless Energy”), but it’s almost certainly the same card.

Looking at the HPs and rarities in this set, something noticeable jumps out: All of the “Baby” Pokemon have 30 HP, just like they did during the Neo sets. They are also mostly rares and holos, again similar to the Neo sets. Could this mean the return of true Baby Pokemon and the Baby Rule? We won’t know for sure until early October, but with Rain Dance and Double Colorless Energy making a comeback with this set, anything is possible!