PokéBeach Shoddy Battle Server

Registration for the tournament is now closed.

We are now hosting a server on Shoddy Battle, a free program that allows you to play Pokémon video game battles against other people online. Our server is currently programmed with all Platinum moves and Pokémon and currently has a ladder for the OU and Uber tiers. For information on how to download and operate Shoddy Battle, check out our new Shoddy Battle page.

On that note, registration for the fifth PokéBeach video game tournament is now open! There are still a few spaces left for people to join, so don’t miss out on PokéBeach’s largest video game tournament to date! Want to see where your team stands in a field of 96 competitive players? Then post here to sign up! If you don’t already have a PokéBeach forum account, you can register here. This time around, the tournament will be held solely on Shoddy Battle, so download it and show off your best team to be named PokéBeach’s new champion!

5th Official PokeBeach Video Game Tournament