‘Leafeon vs. Metagross’ Gift Box to Include Online TCG Simulator Program

We’ve known about this story since our HGSS coverage, but wanted to find out more about the CD before posting it.

A new “Leafeon vs. Metagross” Gift Box is going to be released in Japan on November 20th for 3,150 yen (over 30 bucks). It comes with two 60-card theme decks and two holos per deck for a total of four holos. On a slightly random note, both decks will contain Dual Ball and Rare Candy, meaning the two cards are not being phased out of the LEGEND series.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the above gift package is that it will feature a CD that allows Pokemon TCG players to battle each other over the internet, similar to Redshark. Each gift package will come with an access card that allows buyers to use the program online. It will also rank players on an online leader board based on how many battles they win.

It is unknown if you will be able to build customized decks, if new versions of the program will be released on later CD’s, if you can download new cards as they are released, or if the program will include older expansions. Unless Pokemon Card Laboratory wants to make the program a new way of playing the TCG, it may not see updates or be released outside of Japan like other programs from the past. But who knows? They may finally try to support their game online because of the success of programs like Redshark and the demand for fans to be able to play over the internet. It wouldn’t be the first time PCL / TPCi has taken some sort of action because of the online fandom (though for legal reasons, they would probably never acknowledge they learn from us).