HGSS Coverage Begins Next Week!

HGSS Girl Beta

Our HeartGold and SoulSilver coverage begins next week! Last time when we covered Platinum, we provided the quickest and most thorough coverage you could find anywhere on the internet, playing through the game nonstop. This time there will be four of us playing the two new games – Bangiras, Yaminokame, Jason, and myself, so you can bet we will have all the news, all the changes, and all the excitement covered for all you fans as we have in the past. Be sure to check back here next week and make sure to tell your friends!

The artwork in the new banner above has been drawn by Xous, our favorite site artist! We hope you like it! Xous had to go through a lot of trouble translating my terrible artwork into a recognizable image, as you can see to the right. Lugia is a reference to a certain monster Lapras is based off, Ho-Oh’s pose comes from the first episode of the show, and HGSS girl is under attack because we miss Kris’ old design (I added the blood at the last minute; hope no one is offended). Think you can draw better than Xous? Well, you may be able to show off your skills soon…