2009-10 Pokemon League Prize Support Changes

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Uxie from Legends Awakened (#43)

The official Go-Pokemon website has announced that starting with this year’s Pokemon League, players will be able to earn two special promo cards per season. At least one of the cards will be a highly-sought after card that competitive Pokemon players use in their decks all the time; both promos will be printed on a new holofoil pattern never seen before.

Starting with the first season, Pokemon Leagues will give players who meet certain requirements Uxie from Legends Awakened and an unidentified Snorlax card. Uxie can go for $10-$25 on eBay as can other staple cards, such as Claydol from Great Encounters. Thus, Pokemon Leagues will make it easier to obtain important cards in competitive decks while also bolstering attendance. In addition to the two promos, players can also earn exclusive Pokemon-themed DS skins.

Thank you POP and TPCi! Now more players will be motivated to attend League and it will actually benefit our decks! To find a League near you, you can use the League Locator on the official Go-Pokemon website.

The 2009-2010 league cycle launches on September 21st, and Trainers everywhere will be grabbing their cards and gathering at their local leagues to have fun!

Starting with the Rival season, players of all ages will be able to enjoy all-new seasonal themes based on the toughest Pokémon Trainers in the Sinnoh region, earn all-new league rewards, and even earn credits toward our revamped Player Rewards program! This cycle also marks the first time that the Pokémon League features prizes specifically for Pokémon video game players!

Each season, players will have a chance to earn two different promotional cards. The cards will be printed in a new foil pattern never before used on any other Pokémon card, and not only do they look amazing, but they are also cards that competitive players will be happy to include in their favorite decks! For example, Rival season will offer players a chance to earn Snorlax and Uxie—both of which are popular and instantly recognizable!

In addition to the promo cards, players who play in multiple league seasons and meet certain goals will also have the opportunity to earn unique league-themed Nintendo DS™ skins! These DS skins are available exclusively through league participation and will be rewarded every other season.