Arceus LV.X Tin

Our HeartGold and SoulSilver coverage will start within the next few days! Could be tomorrow (yeah right), Wednesday (maybeeee), or Thursday (definitely!).

Whoops, forgot to post this yesterday with the other Platinum: Arceus product images – I left it in the corner of my Desktop when uploading the others. There will only be one tin released concurrently with the set and it will of course feature an Arceus LV.X with never-before-seen artwork. Click the thumbnail below for a larger image.

On an unrelated note, our site artist Xous pointed out some egregious errors on the Arceus booster pack images (check four news stories down). On the Grass Arceus pack, the jewels on Arceus’ mandala should not be visible from behind. Arceus’ jewels are only visible from the front. For both Arceus, their mandalas are lacking jagged edges and are rather smooth. It’s almost like the pack artists went off the low-resolution sprites when creating the artwork.

Arceus LV.X Tin - Platinum: Arceus