All ‘The Advent of Arceus’ Scans and Translations

Gengar LV.X from The Advent of Arceus

Thanks to Toho, we now have early scans for The Advent of Arceus and its theme decks, which will not be released in Japan until Wednesday. The translations are posted on the page above, courtesy of Bangiras. She spent hours and hours translating the cards as usual, so a big thanks goes to her!

Skimming over the translations, Spiritomb, Gengar LV.X, Salamence LV.X, and a few other cards appear to be note-worthy. Did you spot a new strategy or want to discuss the best of the new cards? Post in this thread on our forums and join-in on the Advent of Arceus discussion!

The six LV.X Pokemon in the set and its theme decks are Arceus (x3), Gengar, Salamence, and Tangrowth. There are only three SP Pokemon in the entire set, being Beedrill, Porygon, and Zapdos, all of which are Pokemon-G. The shiny Pokemon are Bagon, Ponyta, and Shinx. All of this information was confirmed by us quite some time ago; this is just a summary of the set’s contents to remind you all. Also, Gulpin appears to be a shiny Pokemon, but it is not. For some reason, its green color has a bit of a yellow hue.