“Flu” Quiz

Swinub Flu

Last time’s quiz asked, “Which of the following can spread the flu?” The options were Pokerus, Swinub, Brock, Poison Barb, Deoxys, Deoxys, and Ludicolo, with “Pokerus” coming in first place.

The correct answer was: it was a joke quiz! All of the above are fictional and cannot spread the flu, which means you shouldn’t have voted!! Therefore, those of you that did not vote won, while those of you that did vote lost! Fufufufufufufu.

Actually, the quiz was originally started to relate to the swine flu, since last week was when it was the top story on the news. Hence SWINUB. Everything else was just random. There were even two Deoxys choices to alert people that it was a joke quiz.

The whole swine flu “epidemic” is one of the most blown-out-of-proportion news stories of the year. There’s nothing else major going on in the world this week, so the media has to find something to shove down our throats. More people die from drunk driving, smoking, the “regular” flu, and probably the most random ways to die than the swine flu (yet you don’t see people emptying out their alcohol or trashing their cigarettes, you see them needlessly slaughtering pigs instead). Want to be safer from the swine flu, and pretty much any other sickness? Wash your hands several times a day with soap and don’t shake your opponent’s hand before a TCG battle like the rules mandate. Use your shirt to open doors. Stay away from sick people. Wipe the public toilet before you sit on it to unload. Don’t kiss that strange boy, girl, or animal you have the hots for. Just use the common-sense advice yo momma taught you!