A Mini-Miracle and Lesson!

I’ll let you all know the answer to the quiz once I find it out. :> I’ll post this now instead.

Time for a life lesson post! For those of you that have a problem with bloggy posts like this, get over it or I will kick you where it hurts. :D Wait until I go to Japan in July and post everything that happens! Then we’ll get real bloggy. DON’T LIKE IT?! TOO BAD! I want to teach people about Pokemon AND life, and since I know that more than five people are reading my posts, I know I can help make a difference in some people’s lives!

Want to know how fast your life can change for the worse?

On Friday, my dad went to visit his mom and brother. As they were eating dinner he started to complain he was dizzy and became extremely weak (out of nowhere), so they called the ambulance. About 10 minutes later he passed out at the table. He was completely unresponsive, was not breathing, and had no pulse at all. He was essentially dead. The ambulance arrived a few minutes after he went unconscious and without even doing anything, his heart restarted on its own and he vomited all over the floor. He barfed his way back to life!

Today and Saturday, the doctors performed brain scans, heart scans, chemical tests, and every other test under the sun to find out what was wrong with him, but could not find anything. In fact, they said he was extremely healthy in almost every way possible. They called it a fluke, but said that going unconscious the way he did (they had some medical name for it) always instantly lead to death and that only one other man they know survived it. His heart restarting on its own after a few minutes was essentially a mini-miracle (including the fact that he suffered no brain damage, which happens when your brain is cut off for that long). The doctors acknowledged it as a mini-miracle themselves.

Want to know the worst part of this whole ordeal, and the lesson? When I left home last weekend to go back to my dorm I got into a huge fight with my whole family and did not talk to them at all for the whole week. This was the only time in recent memory I left a fight unresolved. Wouldn’t it have been nice if my dad dropped dead that night with our entire family being mad at each other like that? My grandma died a year ago today and we missed saying goodbye to her by just a few minutes. Almost every day it’s torture… “if only we had just been a few minutes earlier.” This would have been an even worse note to end on.

You should never, ever, ever leave your house without resolving fights because you can never know what will happen. Sometimes my friends are mad at their parents or siblings over the stupidest things. You don’t want any regrets no matter how mad you are because you will be tortured every day you live afterward. Resolve any fights you have right now and appreciate the time you have with your family because you never know when it will be taken away from you unexpectedly. I got lucky this time (in fact it sort of sounds like someone upstairs wanted this to be a lesson for my family), but it doesn’t always work out this way!