Major 12th Movie Spoilers from CoroCoro’s Manga

Major, major 12th movie spoilers have been exposed in CoroCoro‘s manga adaptation of the 12th movie. The May issue of the magazine featured part one of the movie’s story while the June issue, described below, features part two. Dogasu of Dogasu’s Backpack was able to translate all of the key information, and boy is there a lot of interesting details! Some of them don’t seem typical of a Pokemon movie.

  • Giratina steps in and saves everyone from the attack Arceus had launched at the end of the first chapter.
  • Dialga sends everyone except Kevin back in time to protect them from Arceus. Sucks to be him, I guess.
  • Ash witness Damos’ betrayal of Arceus. Gishin also appears and pulls a lever that causes the ceiling to come crashing down on Arceus.
  • For some reason, Damos has the Jewel of Life on a scepter. Arceus knocks it from his hand and it goes falling into the lake. Back in the present, Team Rocket, of all people, stumble across the scepter.
  • After a prayer from Sheena, Dialga takes everyone back even further in time. There, they’re captured by Gishin, who has both a Bronzong and a Heatran. Nobody is shocked that he has a Heatran or anything.
  • Sheena is invited to dinner with Gishin while Ash and his friends are locked in the dungeon with Damos.
  • Damos doesn’t seem to be as crazy as he was when he double-crossed Arceus, and Brock guesses that Gishin’s Bronzong used Hypnosis to control him.
  • Damos has no idea what “Pokemon” are, and instead refers to the creatures as “Monsters” (kaijuu).
  • Ash’s Monferno appears. So does Dawn’s Pachirisu.
  • We get a flashback to when Damos helped save Arceus’ life.
  • The Notched-Ear Pichu appears and, after Damos talks to it, finds the key to their jail cell and lets them free.
  • The chapter ends with Gishin attacking Arceus, only this time Sheena is in Damos’ place.

So Gishin owns Heatran, Sheena takes Damos’ place in the past thus altering the timeline, and there is a lot of time traveling and flashbacks. Can this movie get any better? It seriously sounds like they are actually going to do a good job with this one.