Next Japanese Set: ‘The Advent of Arceus’

The fourth Japanese Platinum set will be named The Advent of Arceus. The name of the set in Japanese is “Arceus Kourin,” with “kourin” meaning “the coming of someone who is worshiped.” “Advent” means “an arrival that has been awaited (especially of something momentous).” The set goes on sale in Japan on July 8th.

As with every set, there will be two theme decks. However, instead of having two-30 card theme decks in one package, there will be two separate theme decks with 60 cards each. One of the theme decks will feature Grass and Fire Pokemon while the other will feature Lightning and Psychic Pokemon. One Arceus LV.X will be in each theme deck, each Colorless. Additionally, the Grass / Fire deck will come with a Fire-type Arceus card while the Lightning / Psychic deck will come with a Lightning-type Arceus.

A “Power Up Your Arceus Deck!” campaign will take place with the release of this set. If you buy two booster packs of the set from stores, you will receive an original promo card called “Ultimate Zone” as well as a comic book about the Arceus theme decks. The promo card is specifically made for the two theme decks and is apparently a necessity to have in them. Maybe it allows Arceus to change its type?

The solar eclipse that will take place in the movie is depicted on the booster pack. It looks like Croagunk, Luxio, Cherrim, Buneary, and their evolutionary families will be in the set. You can see images of the booster pack and two theme decks below. Thanks go to Bangiras for translating all of this information!

Advent of Arceus Booster Pack Advent of Arceus Grass and Fire Theme Deck Advent of Arceus Lightning and Psychic Theme Deck