Gold and Silver Remake Quiz

The last quiz asked you to identify potential evidence of a Gold and Silver remake. The question asked which of the options was NOT proof of a Gold and Silver remake, but all of the options were potential evidence, meaning the answer was “None of the above.” Only 27% of people voted correctly, though the correct answer was still in first place.

Here are the poll options and explanations of why they are evidence or suggestive of a possible remake.

  • The Johto starters and Pichu being in the 12th movie. The Pokemon franchise is known for its cross-promotional advertising. Why would they randomly plop three Gold and Silver starters of all things, including a Pichu, into a 4th generation movie?
  • “Received Pokemon from Johto” information programmed into D/P/Pt. When you move a Pokemon on to a DS game, their information states what region they are from. For example, importing a Lotad from Sapphire will display “Hoenn” when you look at its info. Kanto (for FRLG), Hoenn (for R/S/Em), and Sinnoh (for D/P/Pt) are programmed into Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum because Pokemon from those regions can be moved on to a DS game. So why is Johto included in the programming as well? Because the developers knew there would be a future game featuring the Johto region, necessitating the need for DPPt to be able to recognize if a Pokemon is from Johto?
  • May and her coordinator friends traveling from Hoenn to Johto. In the anime, May, Drew, and Harley left for Johto to continue Pokemon Contests. This may give Ash and crew an excuse in the future to visit May and the Johto region.
  • Most G/S Pokemon not having updated Ken Sugimori artwork. Maybe Mr. Sugimori is waiting for the remakes to be made before he updates their artwork?
  • Trademarked game names like “DuskGold” and “DawnSilver.” Many trademarked Pokemon game names are in existence, but these ones are obviously registered in case Gamefreak decides to make a new set of Gold and Silver games. There is also a Dusk Stone and Dawn Stone in Generation IV, which evolves two Generation II Pokemon… could this somehow be related?
  • Prof. Oak’s reference to a non-existent white rock in Kanto that could be in a G/S remake. When you talk to Professor Oak and give him the Oak’s Letter, he says that there is a white rock in Kanto as there is in Sinnoh… but there is no such rock in FRLG. The original Gold and Silver included Kanto, so if they decided to do the same with a Gold and Silver remake, they could include the white rock and solve the mystery of its absence.
  • Entei, Suicune, and Raikou being the only legendary trio not capturable in D/P/Pt. Perhaps because they are reserved for the remakes?
  • The complete lack of non-4th generation related G/S Pokemon in recent TCG sets. This is probably one of the largest hints, as Pokemon products always provide clues on where the franchise is going. The past few TCG sets have barely had any Gold and Silver Pokemon… if they have, they are usually related to 4th generation ones (like Elekid for Electivire) or G/S Pokemon that characters in the game explicitly own (like Steelix for Byron). Where did the rest of the Generation II go all of a sudden? Perhaps they are being saved for a Gold and Silver set that will be released when the remakes are.