Zapdos in 12th Movie?

Zapdos in Movie 12?

A new product promoting Arceus: Space-Time Conquered includes Zapdos as a figurine among Pokemon who are known to be in the movie. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image.

Is Zapdos the Electric Pokemon the director said would save the world? Is it Pichu? Is it Arceus with a Zap Plate? If Zapdos is in the movie, there will be six legendaries, including Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Arceus, and Heatran. Unless some of the legendaries only make brief appearances (as with Kyogre and Regigigas in movies 9 and 11), this movie is going to be packed!

Sometimes Japanese products feature Pokemon unrelated to what the products are promoting, so we cannot know at this juncture if Zapdos will in fact appear. You’d think the writers would try to include Raikou if they were to use an Electric legendary, considering it was never in one of the main films. In any case, the months leading up to Pokemon movies are all about fun speculating, fan theories, and opinions, so discuss!