“Unique Pokemon Designs” Quiz

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The last quiz asked, “Excluding simple color changes, gender differences, unused Pokemon sprites, and random spots, how many different Pokemon are there in terms of unique designs?” There is only one answer!

493 Pokemon + 28 Unown + 4 Castform + 4 Deoxys + 3 Burmy + 3 Wormadam + 2 Shellos + 2 Gastrodon + 2 Cherrim + 6 Rotom + 2 Shaymin + 2 Giratina – 11 for the one PokeDex slot each of the aforementioned occupy = 540 Pokemon.

Simple color changes apply to Arceus, as that’s all each of its Formes are… simple color changes. Gastrodon’s Formes are NOT just color changes – they have a few design differences. And in case you wanted to be a smart aleck and say there are 4,000,000,539 Pokemon because of Spinda’s 4 billion possible sprites, the question asked to exclude it. “Unused Pokemon sprites” applies to sprites left in the code of the games, like Missingno. or the unused Shellos and Gastrodon’s sprites that look different from the normal ones we know today.

Oh, and Crystal Onix and Shadow Lugia don’t count, as I said in the poll’s forum thread. This poll was only for Pokemon that will always be programmed into the video games.

Only 13% of the people who voted chose (or guessed) the correct answer, which means the viewers lose! WPM: 8, Voters: 3. Moohahahaha. Fufufufufufufu.