Glitch Poll

My laptop took a hard fall and died. Time to be without it again! Its death has become a quarterly tradition.

Whoops, I forgot we had a poll on the sidebar apparently. The last poll asked, “Which of the following does not fit?” The most correct answer was “Save and reset,” with only 21% of the voters getting it right.

The other options described the famous Missingno. / “Rare Candy” glitch from Red and Blue. With the glitch, you were supposed to ask the Old Man in Viridian City how to capture Pokemon, use Fly to get to Cinnabar Island, and then use Surf along its shore to encounter Missingno. Typically, Missingno. would know Sky Attack and encountering it in a battle would multiple the 6th slot of your bag many times, from which you could repeat to get infinite amounts of items like Rare Candy. Everyone on the playground knew this glitch when I was 10 and it remains one of the most famous Pokemon glitches ever.

Try out this week’s poll! I promise I will keep the right menu updated from now on… you guys will just have to remind me. :)