Unique Type Combination Quiz

Like the new banner? It features the Alpha Pokemon, Arceus, as well as a solar eclipse. If you can’t see it, refresh the site a couple of times or clear your cache. Thanks go to the very talented Xous for drawing Arceus! Arceus is probably going to be revealed this weekend at the World Hobby Fair in Japan, as we reported in December.

The last quiz question asked, “Which of the following Pokemon DOES NOT have a unique type combination?” The answer was Ludicolo. Even if you did not know the types of the other Pokemon in the quiz, all you needed to recognize was that Ludicolo shares the same Water / Grass type combination as its pre-evolutions Lombre and Lotad. Thus, all other Pokemon in the quiz have a type combination no other Pokemon possesses.

The majority did not choose the correct answer… again, but it was still in first place. WPM: 7, Voters: 3. You’re starting to catch-up, but can you answer this week’s quiz correctly? It’s going to take some math and a lot of thinking!