Arceus Officially in Movie 12 – Foreshadowing Calendar

Arceus in Movie 12 - Trilogy Calendar

A calendar featuring the Diamond and Pearl movie trilogy has emerged, obviously using artwork from the 10th, 11th, and 12th movies. Click the thumbnail of the calendar to the right for a much larger photo. On it are the names of the major Pokemon in each of the movies, with every name having certain letters in bold. What letters are they? S-R-C-E-U-R-A-A-R.

Rearranging the letters gives you the name “ARRCEAUS.” However, why is there an additional A and R in the name? Is it to confuse people trying to decipher the calendar? Wait a second… one of the “A” and one of the “R” are in yellow, while all the other letters are in red. Are we supposed to exclude those? Let’s see what happens… “ARCEUS” is spelled! Obviously, the calendar is foreshadowing that Arceus will be in the 12th Pokemon movie, To the Conquering of Space-Time.

A huge thanks goes to Skitty for taking the photo of the calendar!