Real-World Animals Pokemon Quiz

This has got to be the slowest news month in Pokemon history. Come back in 2009 for more news! Glad the year is almost over – good riddance 2008. Hope 2009 is much brighter.

I knew I forgot to do something! Last week’s time’s quiz asked, “Which of the following real-world animals HAS BEEN made into a Pokemon?” The correct answer was a chicken (Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken), which 42% of the voters chose correctly. The moose came in second place, but there are no moose Pokemon (did you confuse a moose with Stantler?).

Since this is the second time the correct answer has been in first place (though not answered by a majority of the people), the score is… WPM: 7, Voters: 2. Try this week’s quiz!