“Pokemon A,” Heatran Appear on Movie 12 Sticker Product

The back-end to PokeBeach is completely busted. I am probably going to delete the entire system tomorrow and replace it with a new system that I have been working on for the past few weeks. There may be some downtime. But at least we finally have some news!

To The Conquering of Space Time - Movie 12 - Sticker Product

All About Pokemon Figures has discovered a sticker product advertisement for To the Conquering of Space-Time, naming a new “Pokemon A.” This happened last year in which “New Pokemon A and B” labels were posted on various movie 11 products, later turning out to be Shaymin Sky Forme and Giratina Origin Forme. The new Pokemon may be Arceus, though that is merely speculation at this point.

The sticker product, amid our heroes’ Pokemon and Pokemon we already know will be in the 12th movie, names Heatran as a sticker. Could Heatran be in the film as well? Sometimes Pokemon products feature Pokemon unrelated to what the products are promoting, so we cannot know with any certainty.

Monferno and Staraptor are among the movie 12 stickers too. Is this a hint that Ash’s Chimchar and Staravia are going to evolve soon?

As we reported early last month, a new Pokemon is going to be revealed at the Japanese World Hobby Fair on January 18th. Will it be this new Pokemon A? Arceus? Something else? We’ll find out soon!