Pokemon Platinum’s American Release Date

Update: Circuit City has removed the listing from their website. Looks like someone somewhere is in twuuuuuuble for leaking the information early!

…and speak of the devil! Right after I post the TCG news story! I was going to post the TCG story yesterday, but I had to wait for confirmation on the set name. :(

Pokemon Platinum English Box Art

Circuit City has revealed through an online ad that Pokemon Platinum will be released in North America on March 22nd.

According to the game’s description, Team Galactic scientist “Pluto” will be re-named “Charon” for the English game. Charon is the name of Pluto’s largest moon. The character was probably renamed to avoid copyright trademarks or confusion with the Disney character Pluto (Mickey Mouse’s dog). The same was done when “Team Galaxy” was changed to “Team Galactic” in America, since there is a cartoon named Team Galaxy.

Detective Handsome, as he is named in the Japanese game, is called “Looker” for the English release.

The Ruined World is also now called the “Distortion World,” referencing the odd spacial phenomena that occur within it.

Seeing as Platinum will be released this March, we can expect to see Giratina and the Sky Warrior released earlier and Shaymin downloads soon. The upcoming Video Game Showdowns may finally be officially announced as well, especially if only Pokemon Platinum can be used in the tournaments (as is the case in Japan).

Credit goes to Bulbanews for spotting the Circuit City ad!