DP32 and DP33 Promos – Magnezone, Dusknoir

Not sure how long ago I posted about these, but might as well remind everyone! Also, remember that you pronounce Dusknoir, “Dusk-no-are.” With a British accent is a plus!

DP32 and DP33 promos Magnezone and Dusknoir are now beginning to trickle into stores like Target and Wal-Mart. Both were released in foreign countries before America, but now you can probably find them at the aforementioned stores if you check every once in a while. Each individually come in a blister pack with two Stormfront booster packs, one Secret Wonders pack, and either a Dialga or Palkia coin. After tax, the blister pack costs around $11.00. Click the thumbnails below for larger scans of the promos! Thanks go to Omahanime for the images!

DP32 Magnezone promo DP33 Dusknoir promo