Pokemon Platinum Announced on Pokemon.com

Would’ve posted this earlier, but I was getting all four of my wisdom teeth yanked. Blood tastes good. :D

Pokemon Platinum English Box Art

Pokemon.com has officially announced Pokemon Platinum, confirming the game’s release date as March 22nd and some renamed English names. You can read what they have to say below!

Another world has emerged in the Sinnoh region… a world where Time and Space are altered! (Oh noooo!) Coming to the DS on March 22, 2009 Pokemon Platinum introduces players to a new world to explore in the Sinnoh region: The Distortion World. With new adventures, never-before-seen Formes of powerful Pokemon, and expanded online options, Pokemon Platinum is packed with fun for Pokemon fans.

New Discoveries, New Challenges!

  • In Pokemon Platinum, Giratina appears in its Origin Forme, the Pokemon’s true Forme. Why does this Forme Change take place? Stay tuned to Pokemon.com for more information!
  • Explore the Distortion World, where the normal rules of Time and Space don’t apply.
  • Enter a new Battle Frontier, where the toughest Trainers can test their skills in new ways.
  • Explore the new Wi-Fi Plaza, where up to 20 players can connect through fun games and activities.
  • Enjoy new upgrades in the Global Trade Station (now the Global Terminal), such as posting battle videos using the new “Vs. Recorder.”