Movie Website Updated, Pichu Information

12th Pokemon Movie Poster - To the Conquering of Space-Time

The official Pokemon movie website has updated with new information, confirming the title of the movie yesterday as “To the Conquering of Space-Time,” and giving us some new information about Pichu. The Pichu is a female and is specifically titled “Notched-Ear Pichu.” On the website, it is confirmed as the hidden Pokemon behind the question mark from the trailer, meaning the Pokemon is not from the fifth generation. So, it appears as if the only thing special about Pichu is its left ear…

In case you missed this yesterday, we posted that a new Pokemon is going to be revealed at the World Hobby Fair next month. Thus, there is still a possibility a fifth generation Pokemon could be involved in this film. Or, the “new Pokemon” is going to be Arceus, and it will officially be revealed at the event. If that’s the case, then the chances of a fifth generation Pokemon being in the film will be even slimmer. Then again, this is the last movie of a trilogy involving Diamond and Pearl (though not the last D/P movie in general), so they may just stick to the fourth generation for now until the next film.