‘Ash’s Pikachu’ Quiz

Moohahaha suckas! The last quiz asked, “How many times has Ash’s Pikachu come out of a Poke Ball?” The answer was two times, but 47% of the voters answered only one time. Pikachu came out of a Poke Ball in the very first episode when Professor Oak gave it to Ash and in Mewtwo Strikes Back when Mewtwo was attempting to capture everyone’s Pokemon. Other than those two times, Pikachu has never been shown to come out of a Poke Ball.

I decided to change the rules on what it takes to win. If the option with the most votes is the correct option, it counts as a win for you all. The only time that applied was to the “Heaviest Pokemon” quiz, so we’ll count that as a win. WPM: 7, Voters: 1.

I’m throwing you guys a bone this week. The quiz should be the easiest one ever if you think of each animal individually in your mind.