Toys R Us Dragonite’s Moveset

Nintendo Power has announced the moveset for the special Dragonite available for download at Toys R Us next month. It is the same Dragonite given out in Japan for the “Saikyou” (Strongest) events, and was made available to Japanese players from the middle of January to the middle of February. The magazine also stated that a special Pokemon Ranger: Shadow of Almia poster will be given out at the Toys R Us event as well. Thanks go to DrewCardUniverse for the news!


Dragonite @ Yache Berry (reduces Ice-type damage)
Level 50
~ Outrage (not normally learned until LV.64)
~ Dragon Dance (not normally learned until LV.53)
~ Thunderbolt
~ Draco Meteor

Since Japan has access to a level 50 Dragonite, it would seem Nintendo of America wanted the same for us as well. Perhaps the Japanese will be allowed to use Dragonite for their Video Game Showdown qualifiers, and we will be allowed too? Why else would we get this specific Pokemon?

I’d also like to re-post this tid-bit I placed into the previous Dragonite news story, since I have not seen many people discuss it. Some of our forum members who were at Worlds heard this information stated by POP officials as well:

The [] article mentions the Dragonite will be able to be used in “official tournaments,” since it fits in the level 50 category now. This seems like a good opportunity to say that at Worlds, I heard from POP officials that America would be having several Pokemon Video Game Showdowns during this current tournament season. I don’t remember for sure how many they were planning to hold, but I think they said seven to nine throughout the United States (in different states, obviously). It was also said that the Video Game Showdowns would take place internationally this time too. I’m not sure when this will be revealed to the public, but it looks like Dragonite might be a precursor to an official announcement.