‘Evolution Gender Change’ Quiz

Boohahaha suckas! This past week’s poll asked, “Which of the following Pokemon can change gender upon evolution?” 79% of you answered incorrectly; the correct answer is Azurill, not Wurmple.

Azurill will hatch as a female 75% of the time and as a male 25% of the time. However, Marill has a gender ration of 50% / 50%. As a result, when female Azurill evolve, one out of every three will become male Marill. Azurill and Marill are the only Pokemon in the same evolutionary line who have different gender ratios, which is why Azurill is the only Pokemon that this happens to upon evolution. In real life, some fish and certain sea horses can change gender during the course of their lives. Apparently, Azurill’s gender change is based off this fact (though Azurill is Normal-type, not Water-type like the aforementioned marine life).

6-0. Try again this week!