‘Stormfront’ Theme Deck Lists and Box Ratio

The box ratio for Stormfront booster boxes seem to be two LV.X’s, one Charizard line card, and two shiny cards. I previously reported that our prerelease had some boxes without any Charizard line cards, but it turned out some people kept their discoveries a secret. We are now certain that almost every booster box of Stormfront has either Charmander, Charmeleon, or Charizard.

I’ve updated some of our Stormfront scans with better-quality ones. Thanks go to Dylan T., Dave R., Michael L., Zane D., and Torterra Chips for sending in their scans! If anyone has the theme deck holo cards, please e-mail us 300 DPI scans of them! Thank you! As usual, we will be replacing all of the scans with high-quality ones in a few weeks once Shakespeare has time to collect and scan them all.

Here are the theme deck lists for Stormfront. I will eventually put these on their own page, as with all theme deck lists. Thanks go to people from the Huntington Beach, CA prerelease for donating their deck boxes to me and Chrisbo for digging through the trash to find a Raging Sea box. XD

“Dark Rampage” will probably be what players want to buy, as it has two Cynthia’s Feelings, two Great Ball, one Luxury Ball, and 13 basic Darkness Energy.

Raging Sea

  • 1x Gyarados (Special Holo)
  • 4x Magikarp
  • 1x Sceptile
  • 2x Grovyle
  • 4x Treecko
  • 1x Abomasnow
  • 4x Snover
  • 2x Bibarel
  • 4x Bidoof
  • 2x Finneon
  • 2x Switch
  • 2x Potion
  • 2x Mom’s Kindness
  • 2x Energy Switch
  • 2x Dusk Ball
  • 1x Luxury Ball
  • 15x Water Energy
  • 9x Grass Energy

Dark Rampage

  • 1x Tyranitar (Special Holo)
  • 2x Pupitar
  • 4x Larvitar
  • 1x Staraptor
  • 2x Staravia
  • 4x Starly
  • 1x Skuntank
  • 4x Stunky
  • 4x Machop
  • 2x Bagon
  • 2x Potion
  • 2x Energy Search
  • 2x Cynthia’s Feelings
  • 2x Energy Switch
  • 2x Great Ball
  • 1x Luxury Ball
  • 13x Darkness Energy
  • 11x Fighting Energy