‘Stormfront’ Blister Pack with Dusknoir Promo; Boxes

My second year of college starts tomorrow! I could take Spanish for only one year (since I took it in high school), but I opted to take Japanese instead for two years. Why take a brand new language, and for a much longer time period? For all of you, of course! Plus by the time Worlds comes around, I can harass the Japanese Pokemon officials in their own language. XD

The Stormfront blister package, booster box, and theme deck box images have been revealed! The blister package contains one Secret Wonders, Majestic Dawn, and Stormfront booster pack, as well as a holo Dusknoir promo and starters coin (all of which is subject to change, since prerelease product images often use placeholders instead of what the actual product will contain). Dusknoir was given out at the Japanese Battle Roads earlier this year, and later through a Player Club promotion, since the Battle Roads were threatened by someone and canceled. Its translation is below. Stormfront and these products will be released in stores on November 5th, while prereleases take place the two weekends prior (the weekends before and after Halloween).

Stormfront blister pack featuring a Dusknoir Promo Stormfront Booster Box Stormfront Theme Deck Box

Dusknoir LV.49 – Psychic – HP130
Stage 2 – Evolves from Dusclops

PokePower: Dark Hide
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may flip a coin. If heads, choose a Pokemon in your opponent’s hand and place it on the bottom of his or her deck. This power can’t be used if Dusknoir is affected by a Special Condition.

[P][P][C] Spirit Wave – 70 damage. Move 2 damage counters on Dusknoir to 1 of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon (ignore this effect if your opponent doesn’t have any Benched Pokemon).

Weakness: Darkness +30
Resistance: Colorless -20
Retreat: 2