‘Galactic’s Conquest’ Visual Book Promo Note

With every new Japanese set as of late, Pokemon Card Laboratory releases a visual book containing images of all the cards in the set. Each book always comes with a special promo card, such as Lucario LV.X, Heatran LV.X, Drapion LV.X, etc. The promo is always brand new and is usually released in the following set with different artwork.

For Galactic’s Conquest, the visual book promo is Toxicroak G. It a reprint of the Toxicroak G we know to already be in the set, but with new artwork. Therefore this time around, the promo is not brand new. The Galactic’s Conquest visual book will be released on October 20th (ten days after the set is released) for 700 yen, and we should have a scan of the card by then.