‘Stormfront’ Logo, Images, and Information

We have received our first information on the next English TCG set – Stormfront. The logo can be seen below, obviously. Since the set’s prereleases take place before and after Halloween, the orange and purple colors are quite fitting. Dusknoir is also shown as the set’s “mascot,” and it’s a Ghost Pokemon, so Pokemon USA is obviously trying to appeal to the holiday season (click the thumbnail of Dusknoir for a much larger image).

Pokemon TCG Stormfront Logo Pokemon TCG Stormfront Dusknoir Art

Cards confirmed in the set are Dusknoir LV.X, Machamp LV.X, Drifloon, Drifblim, Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, Combee, Vespiquen, PokeDrawer+, PokeHealer+, and PokeBlower+. Regigigas LV.X and Heatran LV.X are in the set as well, since they will be released as alternate art promos in tins on the set’s release date (November 5th).

The theme deck names for the set are “Raging Sea” and “Dark Rampage.” Gyarados is the featured card in Raging Sea, while Tyranitar is featured in Dark Rampage.

Stormfront will be comprised of cards mainly from Japan’s Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky (IFDS), judging by the cards that are already confirmed in the set. However, cards like Shaymin and Shaymin LV.X will probably be taken out and placed into the next English set, since its release date will be closer to movie 11’s release date in America (Shaymin and Giratina are the stars of the movie).

You can view the product description for Stormfront below. The Base Set Charizard line was reprinted in IFDS with new artwork, yet I find it a bit strange that the description doesn’t reference it for our English set. The same goes for the special Shiny Pokemon in the set. Let’s hope we’re getting them!

A turbulent force is approaching in the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Diamond and Pearl – Stormfront expansion. Featuring more favorite Pokémon, new Pokémon LV.X including the Gripper Pokémon Dusknoir and Superpower Pokémon Machamp, brand-new Trainer cards, new gameplay options, and new strategies… the storm is coming, and it’s ready to change everything!

  • More powerful new Pokémon LV.X
  • New strategies like Trainer cards that can be played in pairs
  • Pokémon with Items for added benefits
  • Features two theme decks built around the popular Gyarados and Tyranitar!
  • Exciting holographic parallel set for players and collectors alike
  • Over 100 cards in all!

The Adventure Never Ends with Pokémon Found in the Stormfront!