PokeBeach Podcast – Platinum, Pokemon in General

We are working on many Platinum pages and will have them all up within the next week or so. If we discover anything else groundbreaking in the game, we will post a new update. As of now, it seems like we picked it clean.

The other night I decided to IM a few friends to ask if they wanted to do a podcast on Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon in general. They agreed, and we met and began recording less than 10 minutes after I asked. We are going to start doing podcasts every other week, so I figured we had to start somewhere. This is only a “trial” podcast. Our microphone volumes were all over the place, I had to keep adjusting my own microphone every 10 seconds (which is why the quality jumps all over the place when I talk), we did not prepare for the topics we discussed or even create an outline, DukeFireBird did not get much speaking time, and it was 3 AM in the morning after very long days. It’s not a bad podcast AT ALL, but next time, the technical issues will be worked out; hence it being a “trial.”

People talking on the podcast: Water Pokemon Master (Jon), Bangiras (Ryah), Heerosferret (Gin), and DukeFireBird (Chris). We discuss Platinum, Pokemon in general, Japan, Pokemon in the future, the anime, the next two card sets, etc. We pretty much jump all over the place. Next time, we will have an outline and will clearly separate and discuss each topic. So don’t worry! We are aware of the issues and what needs to be fixed for the next one. ;)

If you have a high-speed internet connection that works well, you can listen to the podcast by clicking the “Play” button below. If your internet connection is slower, hitting “Play” will cause the podcast to play and stop, play and stop, play and stop, so you can download the MP3 (right click the link and click “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”) and then listen to it once it has finished downloading.