All POP 8 Scans, Distribution Info

Gracias a Mr. E, Kemony, Shaymin492, y Torterra Chips (and the friends at their Leagues), we now have all POP 8 scans! Click the thumbnails below for larger images. The POP 8 booster pack scan is also included.

You have a 13% chance of getting a rare in a pack, a 27% of pulling an uncommon, and a 60% chance of burning a common over a bonfire. Trainers in general have the same chance of being pulled as any other uncommon card; of the 27% uncommon cards you pull, 30% of those will be Trainers. Rare Candy is the most common Trainer, followed by Night Maintenance, and then Roseanne’s Research. Luxray seems to be the hardest card to get out of the entire set, just as Gallade was in POP 7. The additional basic Energy card you get in every pack has an equal chance of being any basic Energy card.

Heatran (#1) from POP 8Lucario (#2) from POP 8Luxray (#3) from POP 8Probopass (#4) from POP 8Yanmega (#5) from POP 8Cherrim (#6) from POP 8Carnivine (#7) from POP 8Luxio (#8) from POP 8Night Maintenance (#9) from POP 8Rare Candy (#10) from POP 8Roseanne's Research (#11) from POP 8Chimchar (#12) from POP 8Croagunk (#13) from POP 8Happiny (#14) from POP 8Piplup (#15) from POP 8Riolu (#16) from POP 8Turwig (#17) from POP 8POP 8 Booster Pack