Platinum Battle Frontier Info? (Possibly Fake)

The following information is not confirmed and could be 100% false. It comes from a 2ch thread discussing Pokemon Platinum. Since some people have the game early, the rom has already been leaked to the internet and is being played within close Japanese circles. There is a possibility the information below is legitimate and originates from someone in possession of the game or rom. If this information turns out to be fake later, please do not shoot us – we’re only trying to satisfy fans awaiting the game’s release. :) Even if it is fake, it’s fun to speculate.

  • Platinum‘s Battle Frontier was designed by Professor Oak and inspired by Scott’s Battle Frontier
  • After 77 consecutive victories in the Battle Tower, you receive Oak’s Letter, which allows you to encounter Shaymin at the Flower Paradise
  • Each area of the Frontier gives only 1 symbol (you could get 2 in Emerald)
  • After earning 3 symbols, you receive a Members Card from a strange man, which allows you to encounter Darkrai on Newmoon Island
  • At 5 symbols, the last area opens
  • At 6 symbols, you receive a Rowap Berry (If the Attacking Pokemon damages a Pokemon with a Rowap Berry attached and was using a Special attack, the Attacking Pokemon is also damaged)

“Oak’s Letter,” the “Member’s Card,” and the Rowap Berry are programmed into Diamond and Pearl, but have not officially been revealed yet. It makes sense that these could be given out in Platinum. Having the opportunity to capture two legendary Pokemon because of the Battle Frontier seems a little “too good to be true,” but then again, the addition of 59 Pokemon to Platinum‘s PokeDex means 59 more Pokemon are going to need to be native to Sinnoh.

Just to repeat myself – this information is NOT confirmed and could be completely, 100% false. The only reason we are posting it is because we know the rom is out within a few groups of people. Once the rom hits the internet, anything posted has a chance of being real. For now, take the information above with an absolute grain of salt, but entertain the ideas in your head.

We will have real and extensive Pokemon Platinum coverage later this week, so please be sure to check back and tell your friends! We’re going to have three people playing the game, two of which know Japanese!