New Platinum Trailer – Many New Scenes, Silhouettes Shown

Ahhhh! So much news! I don’t know any other website that covers Pokemon as extensively as us.

A new Pokemon Platinum trailer was shown at Pokemon Festa 2008 in Japan, and someone uploaded it to YouTube. The video shows many new scenes from the game, including the Reverse / Torn World, Team Galactic, scenes from Platinum‘s intro, the Battle Frontier, the Wi-Fi Center, some of the mini-games you can play over Wi-Fi, Giratina emerging at Spear Pillar, battling Gardenia, other random battles, and the new Pokemon silhouettes. The game looks very exciting and full of many new activities! Thanks go to AAPF for finding the video on YouTube!

The video mentions that the pamphlet to be included inside Platinum‘s box will be called “Pokemon Scoop Extra.” The pamphlet will give hints as to who the new Pokemon are.