All ‘Legends Awakened’ Scans Up, Box Card Ratios

Gliscor LV.X’s scan is now on the Legends Awakened scans page. Rhyperior LV.X’s computer image was also replaced with the real holo card scan. Thanks go to Carlos C., Joey G., Lunar Wing, and Laura P. for sending in scans of their cards. We still need the theme deck alternate cards, so if you have them, please scan them at 300 DPI (or about twice the size of the current scans) and send them to wpm at pokebeach dot com. Thank you!

From reports of nine boxes opened, we know for sure now there is one Cynthia’s Feeling per box on average, excluding any reverse holos – you can get two regular Cynthia in a box if you are extremely lucky. Most boxes also contain two Level Xs, though some have only one. For the other Supporter cards, there is usually two of each, though sometimes three. You will probably need two boxes to get enough of the “good” supporters for a deck, though for Cynthia, it’s going to take more than that. Gracias, PUSA, for making it even more expensive to play this game. :)