‘Legends Awakened’ 3-Pack Blister: Holo POP 7 Cards

We have received additional reports that some people are getting three and four regular Cynthia’s Feelings per box, while others are getting just one. It seems the average varies widely from box to box, so we can’t really put a number on it now. The first nine boxes that were reported to us probably were just coincidentally unlucky in only getting one.

New Legends Awakened blister packages will be released next week in stores, containing two Legends Awakened booster packs, one Secret Wonders booster pack, a Rayquaza coin, and a holo Latias POP 7 promo. Since there are usually two promos released in each set’s blister pack (like Mime Jr. and Glameow for Majestic Dawn‘s blister pack), the second promo is probably a holo version of POP 7 Latios. Click the image below for a larger picture.

Legends Awakened Blister Pack featuring Latias