2008 Fall and Holiday TCG Tins

Mewtwo LV.X and Rhyperior LV.X Fall 2008 Tins

As we have known for a while, the fall 2008 Pokemon tins will feature Mewtwo LV.X and Rhyperior LV.X. Both LV.Xs will feature English-exclusive artwork, like Darkrai LV.X in the Darkrai tin, which has artwork Japan never used on a Pokemon card. Originally, the prerelease product image showed the two LV.Xs with their Legends Awakened artwork, but it is obvious now those images were just placeholders and were not actually what was going to be featured in the final product. Both tins will come with 4 booster packs (one Diamond and Pearl, one Mysterious Treasures, one Secret Wonders, and one EX Power Keepers), and will each cost around $12.00. They will be released in stores around September 17th. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger image. The Mewtwo LV.X has awesome artwork!

Regigigas and Heatran Holiday 2008 Tins

For the holiday season, two more tins will become available – Heatran and Regigigas. Both cards are promos, but are merely holo versions of the Heatran and Regigigas rares that are in Legends Awakened, just like the two that come in the set’s theme decks. However, the cards featured in the tins are subject to change, since the picture to the right is a prerelease product image and may just be showing placeholders instead of the real cards (also, the product description labels the cards specifically as promos, so the tins may turn out to have new promos and not reprinted cards like pictured). Each tin will contain one Diamond and Pearl, one Mysterious Treasures, one Legends Awakened, and one EX Dragon Frontiers booster pack, and will retail for around $12.00. Both tins hit store shelves starting November 5th.