Next Modified Format

Pokemon Organized Play (POP) has announced that the next tournament-legal format will be Diamond and Pearl-on (didn’t see that one coming). All regular Nintendo black star promos are now extinct, as are POP 4 and POP 5. This will go into effect starting September 1st, so it does not apply right now.

For those of you who do not know, this means you can only use cards at tournaments from the Diamond and Pearl set and any subsequently released set (as of now, this includes Mysterious Treasures, Secret Wonders, Great Encounters, Majestic Dawn, and eventually Legends Awakened). You can also use any Diamond and Pearl black star promo card and any card from POP 6 and 7.

Speaking of tournament-legal cards, our Modified Card-Dex has been outdated and destroyed for about a year or two now. This is because myself and Meowth346 have been working on a new one, but since our schedules are so different, the whole project has progressed very slowly. Hopefully it will be up again soon, especially since months and months of work have gone into its new and improved features. We’ll see…