New Limited Release “Power Packs”

A new Diamond and Pearl “Power Pack” will be sold starting this July, featuring exclusive holographic energy cards. You will only be able to find them at small stores, hobby shops, and perhaps the internet, but not at major chains like Target; plus, there are very few of them that will be printed (only 36,000). The warehouse description for the product is below. Booster pack sets named are the primary ones that will be included in each power pack, but there may be substitutions from other sets.

Pokemon DP Power Packs (July 09, 2008)

Each HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Diamond and Pearl Power Pack includes Diamond and Pearl Secret Wonders and Mysterious Treasures Boosters, 1 EX Power Keeper Booster, 1 of 2 different Foil Character Cards, and a bonus pack of 6 Exclusive Foil Energy cards. The energy card foil pattern is unique to this box and is not available anywhere else. This product is limited to a run of 36,000 Power Packs. There will be no reprints on this item. 8 boxes per case / 10 power packs per box / 3 boosters + per power pack. List Price: $10.00.