Gamestop Deoxys’ Moveset and Held Item

KSP11 from our forums has discovered a page on Gamestop’s website revealing the moveset and held item for the Deoxys that will be given away at Gamestop.


Deoxys @ NeverMeltIce
~ Psycho Boost
~ Zap Cannon
~ Iron Defense
~ ExtremeSpeed

Obviously, the Gamestop Deoxys will utilize attacks from each of Deoxys’ forms (Psycho Boost, Deoxys’ unique move, is learned by all of its forms; Zap Cannon by its Attack Forme; Iron Defense by its Defense Forme; and Extremespeed by its Speed Forme).

Deoxys will be given away at participating Gamestops during the weekends of June 20th and June 27th. You will need your Nintendo DS and a copy of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl to receive it. In-game, you will just need the regular PokeDex, which you will have if you have spent more than 10 minutes playing either game.