Better Platinum Pictures via Famitsu Magazine

Pokemon Platinum Boxart from Famitsu Magazine

A new scan of Famitsu Magazine has been released, showing better-quality screenshots of Pokemon Platinum compared to yesterday’s CoroCoro scans. It also reveals a larger picture of the game’s box art (pictured right). Click the thumbnails below for larger images. I cut out Shaymin from the scan myself and made it transparent, and you are free to use it wherever you want as long as you provide a link back to this website.

As for new information, the magazine describes that when Shaymin is in Pokemon Platinum, it stays in its Sky Forme. When in Diamond and Pearl, it is in its regular Land Forme. Thus, it is like Deoxys between the different GBA games. Other than this mentioned piece of information, nothing else is explicitly revealed about the game. However, we can infer from the castle-like building in the screenshot below that there will be new areas on the map in Sinnoh. The Torn World screenshot also appears to show that the Torn World is topsy-turvy and distorted, utilizing 3D for the entire map. Additionally, one of the images on the full scan shows the Torn World residing above Mount Coronet, and possibly Spear Pillar. Thanks go to Vincent for this information.