Pokemon Platinum?

I am sleeping over at my grandma’s house this weekend, and was going to post yesterday that there would probably be no updates because she has no internet access, but I left school earlier than I expected and was unable to post the message. I have luckily found a Wi-Fi signal in the middle of her driveway, though. :D

Last November, we posted a scan from Beckett Magazine that stated a “Pokemon Platinum” would be the next Pokemon game and that it would be released in Spring, 2009 (for the U.S.). Since Beckett is an unofficial magazine, we were unsure if the game was actually real, but now there seems to be some truth to it (and considering that the Australian magazine from the other day had early information about the 11th season of Pokemon, I guess we have to start giving these unofficial magazines some credit).

The Japanese blog blue skY, which is often a reliable Japanese source, has posted some information they apparently received from CoroCoro’s next issue. According to their information, Pokemon Platinum will be released in September and features Giratina as the game’s mascot. Like with Emerald’s Battle Frontier, “Platinum” will feature a “Battle Island.” The “Underground,” which in Diamond and Pearl was only accessible via DS communication, is now Wi-Fi enabled so you can play your friends over the internet. In terms of new Pokemon, Platinum will feature new forms of Shaymin (which may be part-Ice type), Giratina, and most surprisingly, Regigigas (the latter two both with Levitate as their abilities). Volkner, the Gym Leader of Sunyshore City, is also no longer a Gym Leader (he probably became a member of the Elite Four, like Koga and Wallace).

The blog itself is uncertain of the above information, so as of now, it has not been confirmed. This week, the next issue of CoroCoro will be released, and it will most likely contain new information on any new Pokemon forms that may exist or the next game. Since both Bangiras and I are usually on late at night when the scans are leaked to the internet, we should have the translated information immediately.