DP80 “Yanma! The Capture Operation!” Spoilers

Jessie's Yanmega

Thanks to Heerosferret, our Japanese contact, we have spoilers for DP80, Yanma! The Capture Operation! Her opinion on the episode is that it is very original. She is sending me notes as the episode airs, and I am formalizing them below.

At the beginning of the episode, a young boy knocks out a Yanma and begins to attempt a capture. Jessie, who is right above it, purposefully drops her Poke Ball and captures it, but then quickly sends it to Giovanni. Team Rocket begins to cry because they finally sent him a Pokemon (after… almost 550 episodes?). Giovanni has forgotten who Jessie and James are, remembers within a minute, and then sends the Poke Ball back to them. They think he is sending them a super rare Pokemon as a prize for making a capture, like a Lucario or a Cranidos, but it is just Yanma.

Yanma sits on James’ head, and Jessie announces she will train it as her own Pokemon since the Boss rejected it. She sends it into battle against the boy who originally knocked it out, and it immediately begins to evolve into Yanmega (it knows AncientPower, a requirement for Yanma to evolve into Yanmega). Everyone is confused as to how it learned the move, but it turns out Giovanni taught it to Yanma before sending it back to Jessie. They begin to battle, and Team Rocket eventually blasts off. They hug their new Yanmega as they fly into the air, meaning Jessie now has a brand new Pokemon.

The Trainer of the Day decides to capture a different Yanma, and the episode concludes.

The next episode preview for The Scorching Chimchar! shows Chimchar going ballistic. Ash and crew are battling Paul, and suddenly Chimchar attacks everything and is screaming. It looks like a “demon,” according to Heerosferret – she comments, “This is a kid’s show? Its going crazy!” Chimchar is obviously upset with its previous trainer, to put it mildly.