“Decisive Match! Dawn VS May!!?” Spoilers

Our new Japanese correspondent, “heerosferret,” will be providing us with news from Japan now and forever. She is an avid Pokemon fan, watches the show each week, goes to the Pokemon Centers in Japan, and is a huge Raichu fan. She will be writing articles for us in the future about Pokemon life in Japan (in fact, she has already written one, and I’ll probably post it tomorrow).

DP79, Decisive Match! Dawn VS May!!? ended 5 minutes ago in Japan as of this story being written. The preview for next week’s episode (Yanma! Get Strategy!!) showed Jessie throwing a Poke Ball and it hitting a Yanma, which had already fainted. It goes into the Poke Ball, and Ash and friends gasp. Quite obviously, Jessie will catch a Yanma, which will replace her released Dustox.

Dawn, who was participating in the contest of this episode against May, won it with Piplup and earned her second ribbon. She barely defeated May and her Glaceon. At the end of the episode, May leaves.

The episode also featured a remixed intro, though with the same animation sequence as before (and the same intro since the very first Diamond and Pearl episode).