College Lessons

A lesson to all of you who will be going to college or a university: Choose a major and field YOU want, or you’ll be like a lot of students I know who are unhappy and suffering. I have to “affiliate” with a major soon and I’m freaking out (explaining the slight lack of updates today… gotta do a lot of “soul searching”). I’ve narrowed it down to: movie screenwriter (like that’ll ever happen), lawyer (I’m a loud mouth in real life and have been involved in Speech and Debate forever), psychologist (hehe… mess with people’s minds), and journalist (PokeBeach).

Unfortunately, most other kids I know are picking Bio-related fields because they have been brainwashed into believing they should by their parents (or they are forcing them to). These people aren’t happy with what they are doing, and some regret wasting a whole year on taking classes for the majors their parents are making them shoot for. It’s your future and your passions, not your parent’s (and of course, this argument is only limited to college majors, not anything else – you should always listen to your parents, since they are wiser than you and usually know what’s best). Pick something you can see yourself going into after college, and a field that will make you happy.

This story did come out of nowhere, but I have seen and heard so many kids complaining about what they are doing because of their parent’s decisions that I think it is important someone tells some of you when you are young that it is your decision, not their’s. ;)